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Our European EV Fridays

Dedicated EV sales: From 10:00 AM every Friday, you will find all our EV offer in an exclusive and dedicated sale: Our European EV Friday. 

European stock at a glance: Access to the widest EV stock in Europe through our European sale, where cars from every country will be presented.

Online xBid sales: Our European EV Friday is 100% online. The sale will be uploaded on Wednesdays with the xBid phase starting at Fridays 10.00 am.

Wide variety of brands and models: From Teslas to Renault Zoes, passing by BMW I3s or Mitsubishi Outlander, you will find the broadest choice of EVs in our European EV Fridays.

Sale conditions:

  • Buyer fee of 2.8% of the gross vehicle prices (all indicated prices are without VAT)
  • Export fee of 100€ net - Please note that the export fee will only be applicable for international transactions
  • Automatic international transport within the EU – Please calculate your fee here 
  • Local transport and transport outside EU following the standard local terms
  • Each sale transaction will be directly managed by the individual vehicle sale country; T&Cs of the sale country will therefore apply
Discover our EV Fridays

Peace of mind

Our adapted descriptions and inspections for EVs will provide you with all the information that you need in order to buy your next electric vehicle with full confidence:

  • Description and picture of the charging cables.
  • Description and picture of the charging port.
  • Description and picture of dashboard, showing range and charge.
  • Ability of the car to accept charge.
  • Etc.

Check all our information and reports in our standardized European EVs descriptions.

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Take advantage of the fastest growing segment in Europe:

- EV sales are exponentially growing year over year and are expected to steep from 2020. By 2030 BEVs will represent 30% of all registrations in the market.

- EVs are the solution to several international and local policies, such as zero emission zones, which pushes for the EV penetration across Europe

- Growing buyer confidence: End consumers are getting reassured and are increasingly open to the adoption of EV thanks to stronger battery capacities, clear warranties and better TCOs (Total Costs of Ownership), amongst others.

- Strong BEV depreciation and residual values have already been proven and are expected to keep improving over time.

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