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1. Who are BCA?

For over 70 years, we have been bringing buyers & vendors together

BCA is part of Constellation Automotive Group - Europe's largest digital car marketplace, combining the leading digital brands across the segments of consumer to business, business to business and business to consumer.

BCA specializes in end-to-end vehicle remarketing services in the UK and mainland Europe. BCA offers economies of scale and a diversity of services, to meet the needs of a wide portfolio of customers. The business provides connected services from portside new car activity, refurbishment, storage, imaging, funding solutions and logistics for the growing used car sector and the core remarketing operation.

2. How do i get access?

BCA online access is reserved exclusively for professionals within the automotive business. Unfortunately, we cannot offer admission to private persons.

For BCA Norway, your business must accomodate the following:

  • Business registration with sector codes relating to automotive trade
  • Used car trade license
  • Autosys access
  • ID identification (only if deemed necessary)

Registration is free of charge and without any subscription costs. International access can be provided, to access more than 5.000 vehicles at any time, throughout our European marketplace.

Applications can be sent through our website HERE

3. What costs can i expect?

There are no costs associated with registration, having an access to our platform or simply attending an auction. However, if you bid on a vehicle and subsequently win it, you will be charged a buyerfee of 3.500 NOK (excl. VAT) pr. vehicle.

4. What should i know about the auction platforms?

You will notice two distinct auction types at BCA:

Indicated with a green "play button", this platform is used to live-stream auctions from a live podium with one or more auctioneers hosting the sale. Contrary to the xBid platform, this auction offers increased buyer interaction as it delivers in a traditional auction format.

Indicated with a "stopwatch", this platform is a timed auction without live presence of an auctioneer. Contrary to the Live Online platform, the xBid can prove more versatile and flexible, as the proceedings can be configured to suit many needs.

5. How does the auction proceed?

Regardles of which platform is used (Live Online or xBid), all vehicles will be presented in our online catalogue. All current/ongoing local and international auctions can be found on the front page of our website.

Live Online

Bidding can only take place by attending the auction on the scheduled date and time. This is done by following the Live Online link in the top right of our website.


Contrary to Live Online, bidding is available already at the time the auction is visible on our website. Bids can be placed by opening the auction catalogue, and navigating to the desired vehicle. If a buy-now function is available, the vehicle can be purchased directly at a predetermined price (the vehicle will be removed from the auction immediately).

The auction will conclude at the scheduled date and time, in a final round of bidding (xBid), where each vehicle is presented in chonological order. All bids prior to xBid will be included. 

xBid can be attended by using the drop-down menu at the top right of our website:


6. Can i see reserve prices?

BCA does not disclose reserve price, and as such, these are not visible on any of our auctions. Our platform will indicate whether the highest bid is far from (red) or close to (yellow) the reserve price. If reserve price has been reached, it will be indicated in green text.

7. I have the highest bid - what now?

Highest bids will be presented to the vendor after the auction has concluded. If reserve price has not been met, the vendor can decide to sell the vehicle regardles. If reserve price has been met, you will be assigned the vehicle without subsequent approvement from the vendor.

Bear in mind, all bids placed are binding regardles of how close to the reserve price they might be.

8. I bought a vehicle - what happens now?

All auctions in BCA Norway will be finally concluded within the same day of the specified end date. Invoices will be sent by email within 8 work hours of end time. The invoice will specify the vehicle registration number, the purchase price accourding to your bid and the buyer fee.

All purchased vehicles can be found in your personal "MyBCA"  folder, located at the top right of our website.

9. How can i settle my invoice?

Payment can only be done through bank transfer. Payment details can be seen on your invoice.

All invoices are due within 2 work days.


We advise against 3rd party spoofing attempts, in which BCA Norway branded invoices state payment details to bank accounts located outside of Norway. BCA Norway does not have international bank accounts and any invoices stating otherwise should be treated with extreme caution. 

10. How can i collect my vehicle?

For vehicles purchased from BCA Norway

After payment has been fulfilled, the vehicle will be released for collection/delivery.

Self pick-up: Vehicles can be collected personally at our address: Kragerudveien 80, 2013 Skjetten, Norway

3rd party transport: You can book a 3rd party transport company to collect your vehicle for you at our address.

Opening hours for pick-up

Monday to Friday: 08:00 - 16:00

Weekends: Closed

For vehicles purchased from an EU country

Contact your local BCA business partner

11. Who takes care of vehicle ownership?

As soon as payment has been fulfilled, BCA will manage change of ownership.

12. I am not satisfied - how can i make a claim?

In the unfortunate event that you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can send your claim through our online form HERE.

Simply choose the country from which you purchased the vehicle, and fill out the form. To be able to process your claim in the most efficient way possible, we can only accept claims which are sent through our web form.

We strive to answer all claims within 24 hrs (1 work day). 

Our Terms and Condition can be found HERE.

13. How can i get in contact with my local BCA team?

You can find our contact information in our "Help & Support" section of our website HERE.

Not familiar with auctions?

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