Import from Italy

VAT policy and Car documents 

Have you bought a vehicle from BCA Italy?

Please follow the instructions below to learn more about our VAT policy and car documents collection depending on your country of origin.

Import from Italy

Can I buy vehicles in an Italian sale?

Any vehicles or sales visible on our website are available for registered buyers.

To become a registered buyer you must:

  • Be accredited as a trade buyer within a BCA country

  • Have your personal username and password to login to our Online sales

Register now for an account for free, if you haven't already!

How long it will take before I receive vehicle and documents?

Vehicle collection and documents delivery times may sensibly vary according to the vendor however BCA Italy will do its best to reduce as much as possible any difformity from the following:

  • Veichle will be available for delivery from 2 to 35 days after payment

  • Documents will be delivered from 15 to 30 days after the payment

  • Vehicle documents in Italy are:

    1. Title of ownership (Certificato di proprietà)
    2. Vehicle registration certificate (Libretto di circolazione)
    3. COC not avaible (only on demand, cost will be charged)

To get tailored informations on specific requests about exporting vehicles from Italy do not hesitate to contact us.

What will it cost me to buy a vehicle in an Italian sale?

In addition to the selling price of the vehicle you have to pay:

  • Buyer Fee: may vary according to the value of the vehicle.

    For details see our buyer fees page

  • Export Fee, see details also on buyer fees page

  • Transportation Cost (optional)

Can I receive a VAT-free invoice?
  • If transport is organized by BCA Italy and you are buyer qualified for it you will receive a VAT free invoice

  • If transport is organized by yourself then a VAT deposit will be requested by BCA Italy

    The refund of this deposit will be paid back as soon as you provide the CMR or any official document that proves that the vehicle is arrived in the destination country (for example the new registration document)

Are your terms and conditions the same as my home country?

BCA terms and conditions may vary from country to country due to local legislation, for details see Italian Terms and Conditions.

More information on importing from a BCA subsidiary

BCA VAT policy

Please note that the regulation described above is only valid for BCA Italy. Other BCA subsidiaries might have different process.
If you  need more information regarding other BCA subsidiaries, please contact us and/or download the BCA Import guide below.

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