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Swedish Euro Mix Export, until Monday xBid 11:00
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Upcoming sales in Eastern Europe

11:30 Monday 06/02

Damaged Vehicles Selection 03/02/2023

Damaged Vehicles Selection; Online

2 lots

12:00 Monday 06/02

Oferta Specjalna Alphabet 03/02/2023

Exclusive Alphabet Auction; Online

46 lots

Upcoming European Sales

09:00 Monday 06/02

AVIS damaged vehicles - xBid

Damaged Vehicles; Online

23 lots

09:00 Monday 06/02

Taxfree YoungCars xBid Buy Now

From leasing and franchised dealers; Denmark–Vejle

73 lots

09:30 Monday 06/02

Alphabet technical damaged cars 06/02/2023

Alphabet technical damaged cars; Belgium Online

14 lots

11:00 Monday 06/02

Euro Mix Export Sweden - xbid

From leasing, rental and fleet.; Sverige Online

59 lots

13:59 Monday 06/02

Bronze Selection – LiveBid

Dealer part-exchange, Leasing, Fleet…; Online

26 lots

16:00 Monday 06/02

Silver Selection – xBid

Dealer part-exchange, Leasing, Fleet…; Online

09:00 Tuesday 07/02
10:00 Tuesday 07/02

Miniprice - xBid

Low Cost Used Cars; Online

26 lots

10:00 Tuesday 07/02

European EV Tuesday

Electric Vehicles; Online

206 lots

10:00 Tuesday 07/02

Belgium Mix sale

Dealer part-exchange, Leasing, Fleet…; Belgium Online

29 lots

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